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Webinar: Finding Food Resources in the St. Louis Region

Watch our webinar with information regarding the St. Louis Area Foodbank and Operation Foodsearch to access food. We address food insecurity in our region and how you can direct clients to resources.

As ER visits drop due to COVID-19 fears, doctors urge people in need of care to come to hospital

Dr. Robert Poirier, Chief of the Barnes-Jewish emergency room, said emergency room visits have dropped by about a third because many of the people who should be going to the ER are not due to coronavirus fears.. WATCH NOW

Non-profits get help switching to video conferencing

St. Louis MHB is helping 39 non-profit agencies in St. Louis switch to using video conferencing systems in order to continue their work while still practicing social distancing. We awarded $500,000 in one-time grants, pulling from our emergency reserves. WATCH NOW

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