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St. Louis System of Care (SOC)

The St. Louis Region System of Care (SOC) connects children, young adults and their families to complete care for those with, or at risk for, serious emotional disorders.

We grow when we work together. Through collaboration and integration, our network of agencies, services, organizations and families build on each other’s strengths to provide more comprehensive and effective care.

Who is in the System of Care and how can I get involved?

The SOC is a network of institutions, government agencies, organizations, and youth and family representatives committed to making sure children and youth get the mental health care they need to thrive.  Learn more about our partners.

The System of Care Family and Youth Advisory Board is a committed group of community members and advocates with lived experience caring for a child or young adult with serious emotional disturbance.

Both our organization partners and community members hold regular meetings that are open to the public.  Contact us to join the Council or Advisory Board.

What has the System of Care accomplished?

The SOC focuses on seven goals designed to expand access to children’s mental health services.

Want to learn more about the System of Care?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.