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Strategic Initiatives

The St. Louis Mental Health Board works with local service providers to increase their collaboration and strengthen the local system of services—efforts that require both specialized services and strategies for systemic improvement to address the particular needs of:

  • Immigrants and refugees (particularly those who have survived torture)
  • Children with serious emotional disturbance and special healthcare needs



The St. Louis Mental Health Board in partnership with the St. Louis Regional System of Care, received an Expansion Planning Grant from the Center for Mental Health Services of SAMHSA to coordinate a one year planning project to expand behavioral health services for children ages 0 -21 in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.  Click HERE to visit the System of Care page.


For over 10 years MHB has facilitated the development of a collective approach to helping immigrants and refugees in St. Louis to overcome the debilitating mental and physical conditions caused by displacement, relocation and all too often torture in their homeland. Care Access for New Americans (CANA) provides critical services to individuals from many cultures.  MHB makes funding available from the Community Mental Health Fund in addition to other sources of revenue.  Currently, a grant from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR,) supports a system of care for residents of St. Louis from a variety of cultures, including the following services:

• Outreach and enrollment
• Mental health counseling (both individual and group) for adults and children
• Services to torture survivors that includes case management, citizenship tutoring, mental health counseling, psychiatry, asylum and citizenship-related legal services, connection to housing, medical/dental care, and supported employment
• Referral to other community resources
• Professional language interpretation and translation services.

Most services are only provided to City of St. Louis residents. However, services funded by the federal grant are offered to City and St. Louis County residents.  MHB’s program is nationally recognized for providing support for multiple agencies with a single integrated approach.

Impact Areas Addressed by CANA Include:

  • Foreign born persons and those who have survived torture have safe, accessible, affordable housing.
  • Foreign born persons are employable and employed
  • Foreign born persons achieve and sustain progress toward recovery

The CANA/Survivors system includes the following community partners:

Bi-Lingual International Assistant Services
Individual mental health counseling for adults, interpretation, translation, and citizenship tutoring

International Institute
Interpretation, translation and individual and group mental health counseling for adults