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Supportive Housing Initiative

Permanent Supportive Housing is defined as, “A cost-effective combination of permanent, affordable housing with services that help people live more stable, productive lives.” For more information about PSH in St. Louis, you may download the Corporation for Supportive Housing’s recently published “Report to the St. Louis Partnership for Mental Health and Housing Transformation Grant” by clicking HERE

To be considered for funding through the Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative program is a two-step process.  At present there are no hard deadlines.  Letters of Intent  and Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The steps applicants must follow are detailed below:


  1. Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) using the required format found on the MHB website, to the attention of “PSH Letter of Intent”
  2. After the LOI is submitted, the MHB Housing Development Committee will review and recommend whether or not to invite the applicant to submit a full application.



  1. A cover letter signed by an individual authorized to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the organization. The cover letter must include::
    1. A brief summary of the project;
    2. The amount of funding requested; and
    3. The number of permanent supportive housing units expected to be produced through this application.
  2. One complete Application packet including:
    1. The “Application for Funding” completed in full with the applicant’s name entered in the footer; and
    2. Additional pages as required, with the appropriate question number noted and the applicant’s name entered in the footer; and
    3. The attachments requested on page 6 of the Application for Funding.
  3. 5 copies of the Application for Funding with (items 2a. and 2b. above, butwithout the attachments listed on page 6.

The cover letter and application packet must be physically received at MHB’s office, to the attention of “PSH Application.”

Letter of Intent Form

Application Supportive Housing Development Initiative



Notice of Funding Availability

Supportive Housing FAQ

Report to the St. Louis Partnership Mental Health and Housing: Permanent Supportive Housing Unit Goal